Balance Blog Part 2

BY Lucy Fisher

Balance Blog - Part Two Ok, so you’ve mastered the tasks in part one of our balance blog. You’ve got your single leg balancing down pat, your calves are getting stronger as a result of your half rise balances, and...



Balance Blog – Part 1

BY Lucy Fisher

Balance Blog - Part One Where to start with your balance? We all know balance is an important task. It’s often something we practice naturally when we are little – walking along low fences, and substitute balance beams. But as...



Quick Tips to Relieve Swelling

BY Annie Strauch

Quick Tips to Relieve Swelling Swelling can be frustrating and at times painful, and while your therapist can help to reduce it through massage and mobilisations, did you know you could help to reduce it yourself, and it’s so easy...



Why Sitting is the New Smoking

BY Catherine Etty-Leal

Smoking used to be the worst thing you could do for your health. Now, it seems that sitting or being sedentary is. Think about how many times you sit over the day. Most of us  sit to eat, to work,...



Your larynx – 5 things you need to know

BY Annie Strauch

              What is it? Your larynx is the source of where we make sounds. It is comprised of bones (hyoid), cartilage (thyroid, cricoid, arytenoid, coniculate) and joints (cricothyroid, thyroarytenoid). Where is it? The larynx...



Dry Needling – Does it hurt?

BY Alana Pryor

Dry Needling - Does it hurt?  “Wait! You want to put a needle where?” Dry needling is a being used more and more in the clinic as a treatment tool to help decrease pain and increase movement. Why do we...



3 Exercises for Success in Second En L’air!

BY Lucy Fisher

Working on your Developpe or Grand Battement to Second? Try out these 3 exercises to improve your placement and control! We see a lot of young dancers who have trouble with working the leg in second en l’air. Many want...



Fascinating Facts About Fascia

BY Courtney Saunders

Fascia? What on Earth is Fascia?! Don’t worry, we’ve all asked the same question! So we’ve gathered some facts about fascia to help you understand the important role it plays in your body. Anybody that has met me knows that...



Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

BY Catherine Etty-Leal

Pregnancy is a wonderful time where you begin your journey as a mother. It is amazing how much your body grows and changes everyday. Because of these rapid changes, some women experience some discomfort in various parts of their body....



Can’t eat your burger? TMJ pain – ouch!

BY Andrew Pilcher

Are you a person who has been unable to open your mouth for two weeks just because you ate a burger? TMJ pain can cause a painful smile, painful yawn and even painful eating! The treatment of TMJ pain, or...