Wealth of Experience

Our internationally experienced physiotherapists and myotherapists have over 80 years of experience in the performing arts and sporting arenas.

Diverse Service Range

Our diverse experience means we can help you with everything from headaches or a sore neck, to doing the splits or singing in a rock band.

Sports & Dance

With a passion for sports & dance physio, we’ve been in your (dance) shoes! We are the resident physiotherapists for the Melbourne Theatre Company, national production houses, dance & circus schools.


  • Oct 18

    Boom Bust Blog // Physiotherapist Madeleine Hicks

    Are You A Boom-Buster? What is your relationship with pain? Is it a healthy one? Do you respect each other? Or do you try and ignore pain even when it is screaming at you to listen?  …You may be a boom buster.       A boom buster is usually strong and determined, hardworking, often […]

  • Nov 4

    SWOT VAC or Sore Back

    SWOT VAC or Sore Back?? Exam season is upon us, which means summer holidays are not far away! But when it’s time to hit the books, we often let our regular exercise routine wane in the month of November. Did you know that sitting puts the highest amount of load through your back and neck […]

  • Oct 2

    Spinal Health for the Modern Lifestyle // Physiotherapist Madeleine Hicks

    Spinal Health for the Modern Lifestyle  By Maddie Hicks Deskbound? Headaches? Back stiffness? Most of us are aware we spend more of the day sitting than we should. It can be challenging, to say the least, to keep moving around during the day when you have work demands and tasks to get done, then you […]


  • Dec 11

    Christmas Gift Packs

    Give the gift of health this Christmas with our Christmas gift packs! The Cosy & Chill gift packs make the perfect Kris Kringle or Secret Santa present. Traveller – Flexi pillow travel pillow, Blackroll mini foam roller Recover – Foam roller, pocket physio, epsom salts Pilates – MoveActive pilates socks, pilates ball, resistance band, spikey […]

  • Jun 7

    Mum’s & Bubs Pilates!

  • May 30

    We Are Seeking a New Pilates Physio!