Wealth of Experience

Our internationally experienced physiotherapists and myotherapists have over 80 years of experience in the performing arts and sporting arenas.

Diverse Service Range

Our diverse experience means we can help you with everything from headaches or a sore neck, to doing the splits or preparing you for your first fun run.

Sports & Dance

With a passion for sports & dance physio, we’ve been in your (dance) shoes! We are the resident physiotherapists for the Melbourne Theatre Company, local production houses, dance & circus schools.

Group fitness timetable



    • Feb 26

      3 Tips for following your New Year Resolutions

      Hi guys, Have you noticed it’s March already? I know, 2018 is going so fast and we can feel soft autumn sunlight during day…How is your new year resolution going? If you are doing great, give yourself a high-five, it’s so awesome that you have followed though thus far! Don’t beat yourself up if you […]

    • Jan 30

      Welcome Back Ai!

      Hi Everyone, Hope your summer break was great and you are ready to go back to school now! My summer break was in Japan taking workshops with dancers and dance teachers. At Performance Medicine, we all have great passion for performers but we all have different backgrounds in this wonderful world of at. MY BACKGROUND […]

    • Feb 19

      So how do PHYSIOS look after themselves?

      How do Physios look after themselves?  Everyday, as physios we get asked “how do you look after yourself when you are using your body all day?” So Catherine is here to answer all your questions….   When you need treatment, what do you do? See a physio! We are so lucky at Performance Medicine that […]



    • Dec 11

      Christmas Gift Packs

      Give the gift of health this Christmas with our Christmas gift packs! The Cosy & Chill gift packs make the perfect Kris Kringle or Secret Santa present. Traveller – Flexi pillow travel pillow, Blackroll mini foam roller Recover – Foam roller, pocket physio, epsom salts Pilates – MoveActive pilates socks, pilates ball, resistance band, spikey […]

    • Jun 7

      Mum’s & Bubs Pilates!

    • May 30

      We Are Seeking a New Pilates Physio!