At Performance Medicine we believe knowledge is power.

We love sharing our knowledge with our performing arts’ community and run regular workshops.

Please see our below for our upcoming events.
Our events are held at our Southbank HQ in our studio.
We would love you to be a part of them and often numbers are limited, so please click the button to register!

Vocal Physiotherapy Education Modules 2018

To all those physiotherapists out there….
Do you have patients who lose their voice, complain of throat pain, or have swallowing issues?
Are any of your patients singers?
Do you understand the relationship between the larynx, neck and TMJ?
Discover how Vocal Physiotherapy can assist you to assess and manage laryngeal dysfunction – the missing link!

Pre-Pointe & Dance Safety Workshop for Dancers and Teachers

Dance teachers! Do you have students who are ready for pointe?

Dance students! Do you wonder when you might be ready for pointe?

Teachers & Students! Would you like some basic tips on dance safety both in and out of the studio?

You are invited to join our Performance Medicine physiotherapy team in an interactive workshop that includes a basic assessment of the lower limb and pelvic girdle so that you can read the signs that may indicate when your dancer is may or may not be ready for pointe.

Injury Prevention for Musicians

Do you play a musical instrument? Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort when you play?

No matter what level you are, experiencing pain or discomfort when you play is not desirable. There are many reasons why a musician might experience pain while he/she is playing. The most common is repetition, closely followed by technique faults.