Hip & Groin Pain


Anterior Hip Impingement

Anterior hip impingement occurs at the front of the hip and is most commonly in response to muscle imbalances around the hip and often the subsequent irritation of the synovial tissues of the hip joint capsule.

Dancers have a higher risk of developing this condition, as they are required to use large ranges of hip movement and have high loads of training.

Signs and symptoms of anterior hip impingement may include, a pinching sensation at the front of the hip and sometimes clicking may be present prior to the onset of pain.

Physiotherapy management is imperative to restore hip range via soft tissue and joint techniques followed by specific strengthening of the deep hip rotators, lower gluteals, adductor muscles and improving lumbopelvic control.


Pregnancy related pain

While you are pregnant, there are many changes that occur in your body in response to hormonal and physical changes. Common areas that are susceptible to pregnancy related pains are the low back, pelvis and hips. The reason for this is that these areas bear the majority of load going through the body. Postural changes related to the growth of you abdomen may also occur and can be a source of pain.

Exercising while you are pregnant is a great way to prevent and manage pregnancy related pain. Your physiotherapist will guide you through safe ways to exercise so that you and your baby remain healthy. Massage and specific braces or belts may also be useful in managing your pain.