Clinical Conditioning finds its origins in traditional pilates combined with the diagnostic science of Physiotherapy.

Delivered by qualified physiotherapists, our Southbank studio provides a home for premier clinical conditioning classes in central Melbourne. Our programs draw on a combination of matwork pilates and equipment-based pilates in our custom built studio. Equipped with reformers, trapeze table, thoracic barrel and balance equipment, we have the facilities to help you reach your goals through our various classes.

Research has shown that clinical conditioning is an effective way to improve the control and strength of the major joints in the body. It is an excellent injury rehabilitation tool and also a fun and effective way to enhance the body’s deep postural muscle strength and maintain fitness.

Given our performance focus, our Physios are able to tailor exercises to be dance-specific for both the professional and amateur dancers. Of course, those from all backgrounds are welcome in our pilates classes including non-dancers, and our clinic location makes our classes perfect for those businesses, residents and dance schools in the Melbourne, South Melbourne, South Yarra and Prahran areas.

Clinical Conditioning Group Fitness Timetable

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What is Clinical Conditioning? (55 mins; 1:4)

These classes have a maximum of four participants to allow for increased supervision of each individualised exercise regime that is developed in your initial Pilates assessment. Drawing on all of the mats and equipment in our studio, our Clinical Conditioning Classes aim to provide support for individual injuries, weaknesses and strengthening.

The Clinical Conditioning classes are designed for those:

  • Currently experiencing an injury
  • Experiencing a recurring injury or have a complex history
  • Post surgical patients
  • Who require increased supervision
  • Completing rehabilitation and ensure injury prevention programs

If you have a group of three or four friends who would like to participate in pilates classes we can arrange your own dedicated class time. Please call our reception to arrange a class time to suit you and your friends!

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Initial Conditioning Assessment
 (45 mins)

To tailor your program and make sure you are safe on the equipment (and not scared of it!) a physiotherapy assessment, including a complete physiotherapy musculoskeletal screening, is necessary prior to joining our classes. In this assessment we use real time ultrasound to view your ‘core muscles’ so you understand how and what activating these muscles means.

Your assessing physiotherapist may advise you to commence a series of 1:1 Pilates sessions prior to joining a class to ensure you are able to perform the basic requirements of Pilates independently.

As your strength improves you may be required to have a 30 minute one to one physiotherapy review to progress your program.

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Clinical Conditioning One-to-One
 (60 mins or 30 mins)

One to one pilates consultations are often initially recommended to ensure you are confident and safe in the pilates studio. These consultations are encouraged for those who would like increased instruction and supervision of their program or rehabilitation.

Clinical Conditioning Semi-Private (55 mins)

Pilates semi-private sessions are available for two people to book together. These are ideal for friends / partners. An initial assessment is required for each person prior to commencement.

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