Myotherapy (muscular therapy) assesses and treats muscular dysfunction via soft tissue techniques to decrease pain and to restore muscular balance, strength and flexibility.


Benefits of Massage 

Muscular dysfunction may be caused by trauma, overload or misuse arising from occupational, sporting or recreational activities. For those of you who are deskbound, the Performance Medicine therapists are experts at providing relief from general muscular aches, pains and tightness. For the athletes and performers, our massage team can provide effective recovery and maintenance muscular therapy for the relief of post training soreness and muscular byproduct build up, commonly known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Many of us experience ‘knots’ in our muscles and these are known as trigger points and are just one example of a muscular dysfunction that can cause deep aching pain, local tenderness and referred pain limiting strength and flexibility. Utilising palpation skills, our experienced myotherapists can identify these trigger points and deactivate them using soft tissue and myofascial techniques.

At Performance Medicine, we emphasise a team approach and your myotherapist often works in conjunction with your sports physio or dance physio. To restore and maintain the integrity of the soft tissue structures your treatment may include a range of techniques including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, dry needling and cupping.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting time! As your baby develops your body makes the necessary natural physical and chemical changes within. At Performance Medicine, we recommend using pregnancy massage as a means to relax and to relieve muscular tension that may arise due to increased laxity in the joints, changes in centre of gravity and breathing biomechanics.

Research has shown that in pregnancy massage aids lymphatic drainage to help decrease fluid retention, eliminate toxins and increase circulation; in turn increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygen supply to your baby. The use of soft tissue massage and oils also enhances the pliability of your skin and underlying tissues and increases skin hydration and health.

Massage research has revealed that massage can increase ‘feel good’ hormone levels which act as mood elevators and may therefore increase sleep quality and decrease the likelihood of post-natal depression. Research reports that these ‘feel good’ hormones will not only help relax you as a mother but will also have a calming effect on your baby. Massage may also decrease the chance of low birth weight and premature birth of your baby. Your pregnancy massage is helping two people!

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If you are unsure whether or not pregnancy massage is for you, please call the Performance Medicine clinic and speak to our friendly therapists.

Private health insurance rebates apply depending on your level of cover.