Bronwyn Claassen

I have been a physio for 22 years, almost 20 of which have been directly related to treating dancers, acrobats, aerialists, singers, actors and musicians in the performing arts. My working life as company physio touring with the Cirque du Soleil shows Quidam, Saltimbanco and Corteo, the resident Dragone show of The House of Dancing Water in Macau, and the musical CATS, has given me unbelievably talented friends all over the world.

In a professional sense, being able to work as a physio with the same groups of patients over many months or years has helped me develop an understanding of the effects of my treatments and management of injuries in a way we do not generally experience in private practice.

I have a large basket of manual therapy skills and am continuing to learn more about how our bodies function with LJ Lee’s Connect Therapy approach. The knee bone really is connected to the neck bone!

I have been a Clinical Pilates instructor since 1991 and tend to suggest to patients mainly Pilates-based principles for home exercise programmes and self-management.

My passion is to help people feel better in the way that will work for them to sustain their life and work comfortably.

I am at Performance Medicine on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Dance (1988) and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1995).

Memberships: Australian Physiotherapy Association

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