Sophie Christmas

Sophie is an English physiotherapist who trained in North London and has a passion to help others with ballet, dance and sporting injuries.  Over her seven years of Physiotherapy so far, she has a wide set of experience within the sports, dance, and ballet setting. She spent the first five years working in England for the NHS, private practice and differing sporting environments. Some of this time involved working in the French alps; where she treated and managed acute, ski injuries alongside providing Myotherapy treatment. Sophie then moved to a private practice and Pilates studio in Wellington, New Zealand before hopping over here to Melbourne.

Sophie loves helping dancers and athletes return to the stage and sport following injury. She ensures to always work in partnership with them; for successful goals to be achieved and to reduce the risk of re-injury. She is a skilled physiotherapist – trained In Pilates which is another huge area of enthusiasm for her, alongside Myotherapy and dry needling. As well as feeling strongly around the importance of a fun but structured exercise program, Sophie uses manual therapy skills within her treatment sessions. She enjoys combining and amalgamating her skills; tailoring these individually.

Outside of work, she loves skiing and running. She recently completed her sixth half marathon here in Melbourne and wants to take up the new challenge of triathlons. When she’s not training, you’re likely to find her out having brunch!

Schedule: Sophie is at Performance Medicine from Tuesday to Saturday.